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About BigBex

BigBex is an open democratic forum portal where everyone can post and create forums.
Mission: Our goal is to be to Forums what Wikipedia is to Articles about anything and everyting

Why BigBex
  • Articles on the internet often dissappear when a forum goes offline on the internet. This often sucks when there was great information in that post
  • Sometimes forum websites load very slow. By centralizing forums we can pool the resources to provide the fastest and most reliable service
  • One account allows you to manage several topics you are interested in without having to remember all forums you previously participated in.
  • Once you build a reputation on BigBex as an active member you keep that reputation across all forums
    One huge drawback of other niche forums they use off the shelf open source forum software which doesn't have things like reputation built in as we are used to in modern social media websites
  • Better quality posts in general
    At BigBex everyone can upvote and downvote posts and this ensures that useless posts like "i don't know" or "why do you ask that" get hidden and don't waste your time
  • Other forums allow advertising only marginally. With BigBex you can promote a link and your business with every post as it is automatically added
    So if you are posting in a travel forum for example you can promote your travel guide business with each one of your posts
  • unlike other forums including reddit we decided not to have moderators to prevent any bias towards news stories and posts

    BigBex Features
  • Save interesting posts in one location for later viewing (+add them to public lists as well)
  • Access your most used forums quickly

  • We do not limit posts in any way... we don't restrict by quality of posts as websites like stackoverflow. posting should be quick and easy without effort

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