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Johnny Rockard (johnnyrockard)  · 4 years ago (Sunday 1 March 2015 11:19:35) · 1414 Views  · Last Answer: 5 months ago
Porn performer/producer.

The 50 Shades lifestyle.

Letting someone inexperienced loose on BDSM lifestyle practices is like giving a 5 year old a chain saw to play with. Now that the movie is out the danger is that a vast number of males will all of a sudden see themselves as Christian Grey, and that's where danger lurks.
50 Shades Of Johnny Rockard
Daniel Travolto (travolto) 4 years ago
PHP Programmer, webdesigner, musician, photographer

i agree!
Johnny Rockard (johnnyrockard) 4 years ago
Porn performer/producer.

Thank you.
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